Monday, 21 May 2012

How To : Winged eyeliner tutorial / Smokey eyeliner look Step by Step tutorial

I created this winged eyeliner tutorial / smokey eyeliner few days back but i dint complete it properly.
But then i thought i might try the other look which i had in  mind later and publish this one. The first half is a how to do a Winged eyeliner Tutorial with step by step pictures and the other half is how to make it simple smoked out eyeliner The last picture is the original collage  i created since it was too big & compression made the quality poor so i cut into two separate pic.

But i have uploaded the original collage in case if you guys want to download for future reference 
or if you want to share it. 
hope you like this look and find it helpful.

how to do a winged eyeliner tutorial with step by step pictures

I have not completed the upper lash but you can go ahead and do the same effect
as you did on the lower lash line to make it intense.

click to zoom
how to do a winged eyeliner tutorial with step by step pictures

I have used sleek STORM eyeshadow palette shadows no.4(a pretty golden colour) and no.12(matte b;ack eyeshadow)

Click here to view :


  1. You have so much patience to do such a detailed collage work! I add two photos to a collage and I am already looking for glucose energy :| Awesome work!

  2. which software have you been using? It is lovely

  3. Beautifully done! Loved it!! :-)

  4. @Preethi : thnk u dear...

    @ manya : awww thnk u dear..

    @Rads : thnk u swtz..i've patience but 'm sucha lazy major flaw...^__*

    @bhumika: thnk u swthrt..

    @emm: thnk u dear...its basic photoshop collage wit dwnloaded collage template...=)