Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Sleek eyeshadow palette have been my favourite these days and i planned to do 5 looks for both Sleek storm palette and oh so special palette.
If you have read my post about sleek Storm palette you would probably know that i was rooting more for storm palette than the sleek oh so special palette. But i think both palettes are special in their own way though they tend to have similar shades which i will write in detail later.
Before getting in detail about the oh so special palette , read my general thoughts about sleek eyeshadow palettes.

General Thoughts : Sleek Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek Eyeshadows palette makes a great value for money in terms of quality and quantity. Every palettes comes in 12 exciting shades including both matte and shimmery velvet shades.
They are super pigmented and gives a soft velvet finish.
Its is very easy to blend except certain matte shades which can be little hard to work with.
The colors are exact as they look in pan with a smooth texture and they show up well even without any base.
But adding a base under it makes them more vibrant and stays for longer period.
The packaging is sleek, comes with a mirror attached and a double side sponge tip applicator.


A few lighter matte shades are not great to work with.
Every palette has repeated shades like bronze, black, gun metal etc.
Sold only through online(except uk) only.So it might be hard for people who doesnt prefer online shopping.

Sleek Makeup : Oh So Special Eyeshadow palette

Sleek Oh so Special palette carries both neutrals and dark shadows which would be perfect as your travel palette. It has combo of peach pinks, browns, gray, purples, off white and the classic black which makes it as all in one neutral palette to carry. Unlike the storm palette which has 3 matte & 9 shimmery shades, Oh so Special palette has 7 mattes and 5 shimmery velvet shades.

                   Oh So Special Palette has 7 matte and 5 shimmery velvet finish:

The matte shades are :

Bow: is a off white color which is chalky and doesnt shows up well on the lids.
Ribbon: is a salmon pink shade which definitely need a base/primer to show up.
Pamper: is a light peachy pink shade which turns out very chalky.
The Mail : is a nice light brown color which is comes as close to skin color. Shows up well.
Boxed : is dark matte brown color.Shows up well.
Wrapped up: is a dark purple mixed with brown color. Shows up well.
Noir: is a classic matte black color.Shows up well.

The shimmey Velvet finishes are:

Organsa:  is a pretty pale peach pink with shimmers with a velvet finish.
Gift basket : is a nice Bronze color.
Glitz : is a regular gunmetal gray shade.
celebrate: is a dark purple shimmer finish shade.
Gateau: is similar to organsa but a lighter version of it.


10$ or 540 rs/- + shipping: 7.50$ or 400 rs/- (Aprox)


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  1. This pallette is pretty and has all beautiful shades. How was your shopping experience from Sleek website??

    1. yes t s indu..t went okayish..
      ll write a post abt t soon..

  2. I'm loving these subtle yet preety shades :)

    1. thnk yo drop'n by dear..
      glad u likd t =)

  3. I'm loving the subtle yet preety shades :)

    1. yes dear so pretty & wearable =)

  4. I'm currently really wanting this! I love the 'Gateau' shade - really pretty.

    - Rhi xx

  5. I want to have these! I cant wait to try the colors!

  6. How much customs did you pay for these? I'm interested in buying these but am not sure how much i've to pay extra :-(

    1. i ve ordered lyk 3 tyms frm thier site bt i ve not paid any customs..
      also dey deliver within 7-8 days..=)

  7. How much did you pay for customs? I'm interested in buying thses but i dunno how much extra i've to pay for customs :-(

  8. Thank you! I was looking for a review on this one, I think i'm gonna buy this pallette as my first Sleek purchase, and maybe the Rose Gold blush....