Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lakme Eyeconic collection Vs Maybelline Products

So if you are among the ones confused about buying the
 new eyeconic collection or to stay put with the maybelline products
 here is a post to throw some light on that topic.

Lakme Products:

The lakme eyeconic range products are an awesome find from lakme.
 The eyeconic Kajal glides on my eyes like a dream giving 
out a darkest black shade, smudge free and lasts 8-9 hrs without any
problem for a reasonable cost. The eyeconic mascara has an intense black finish 
with a curling brush and makes the lashes appear long.

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Maybelline Products:

Maybelline is one of my favourite brands of all time. But Colossal Kajal was the
most disliked product of the lot, it is less pigmented, breaks off easily and 
looks flaky on my eyes. Maybelline Hyper curl mascara on the other hand is my most
favourite mascara since this is perfect for everyday and lifts my lashes perfectly.

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Comparison : Lakmé eyeconic Kajal & maybelline collosal kajal

Maybelline collosal kajal and lakmé eyeconic kajal are quite similar
in appearance viz., sleek packaging, retractable type, amount of
product et al but colossal kajal fails miserably on usage. 
Colossal kajal feels dry, flakes and needs to swiped on waterline nearly 7-8

 It fails with pigmentation and not smooth enough to
apply. Whereas on the other hand, lakmé fulfils in those areas where
maybelline failed.. the kajal is creamy yet gives a matte finish hence
no smudging, rich pigmentation and glides easily on waterline without
any tugging. It stands up to 8hrs and does work great on watery eyes
too. Only that you have to pay extra 50 rs. for eyeconic kajal compared to

I can definitely say lakmé eyeconic kajal
in this case.

 Lakmé eyeconic mascara vs maybelline hyper curl

When I compare, it makes us doubt that whether lakmé
had these maybelline products in mind while creating eyeconic
collection. The eyeconic curling mascara looks very much similar as
that of the hyper curl mascara only that the eyeconic mascara has got lengthy wand
and spoolie. The curvy spoolie look similar to that of a flipped '(' share
but eyeconic kajal has closer bristles than maybelline hypercurl. This
is what gives eyeconic curling mascara to make the lashes lengthy 
and gives slightly curled effect but on the other hand the
longer spoolie becomes a disadvantage while applying. The maybelline
comes in a correct size hence making it easy to apply and gives a
slight curling effect too. 

Maybelline hypercurl comes out in both
washable and waterproof variant but lakmé clearly lacks in the waterproof  variant 
which is a drawback. In addition, on a personal note i do
experience lash fall with lakmé eyeconic mascara but not sure whether it
happens to everyone out there or its just me, which freaks me out everytime. This
makes maybelline a win-win product for me and comes 50 bucks lesser
than the lakmé eyeconic curling mascara.

LEFT : lakme eye conic kajal & mascara  ; RIGHT : maybelline colossal kajal & hypercurl mascara

In this picture I have applied 7-8 swipes of collosal kajal whereas
only 2 swipes of eyeconic kajal. And i have added 2-3 coats in both
lakmé eyeconic curling mascara and maybelline hypercurl mascara.

Finally my picks are :


  1. Hey Want a smashing comparison....was waiting for somebody to do so...since i was thinking of which kajal to invest in Colossal or Eyeconic...thanks a lot :x

    1. awww feels great to read ur comment..
      happy 2 help

    2. thnxx a lot for the help

  2. Hey... this was a very much needed comparison post. Thankyou :)

    I finished my Maybelline Kajal recently. Found it Ok. But Lemme try the Lakme now :)

    A new post is up>

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)

    1. thnk you tanu...
      ll chec out post =)

  3. Nice post dear:)I think eyeconic collection is better than maybelline

  4. u picked the right products for comparison. it was my sister's wedding last week and I was desperately looking for Lakme's eyeconic Kajal. THE PRODUCT WAS OUT OF STOCK!!!
    everywhere I was told d product will be available in the market only in first week of nov.
    i agree with ur verdict on d two kajals. Lakme is better.

    nyc informative post:)) let's follow each other

    1. glad i could help you dear..
      ll chec out ur blog soon

  5. I find these two mascaras great items but I prefer the Maybelline hypercurl mascara. I am currently using this and I super love it. Its easy to use because of its brush and it gives a full curl on my lashes.

    1. oh you said wht i feel exactly dear...i love d maybelline too..=)

  6. i like how systematically you compared the two.I thought that none would have made such a post but when I saw your post and how you made things crystal clear made me so happy.I was confused because I thought that lakme curling mascara was better than Maybelline because it is costing 50 rs more,but now after reading your post I will buy Maybelline as you told both of them are prerfectly good.You have saved my 50 rs dear.As for kajal,i am definitely gonna buy lakme eyeconic.